Rectoral de Areas | What to visit
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Igrexa de San Telmo
Camino de Santiago
Rio Miño
Glorieta de Vigo – Escultura Oliveira
Claustro Catedral de Tui
Monte Aloia
Portico Catedral Tui

Things to do in Tui and its surroundings

The city, declared a historic-artistic site, its heritage over the centuries has been enriched thanks to its strategic location. TUI is, first and foremost, a walled Cathedral that radiated cultural life, Economic and military.

Always pending what was happening in the neighbouring Portugal - ora friend, Ora enemy -, It is in a geographical limit which has no utility: the modern expressway replaced the iron bridge - which is still preserved and is one of its most typical- and customs are meaningless in the European Community. TUI has gained peace of mind, and the traveler can understand, Strolling through the streets of medieval layout, Why has the city been declared a historic-artistic site.

TUI has among its architectural heritage with a Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral, the churches of San Bartolome - Roman- and San Telmo - Baroque- and different viewpoints El monte Aloia, It was the first place in Galicia to be declared a natural park, and it is a vantage point from which the Ria de Vigo referred , Illas Cies and the Valley of the river Louro and Miño river walk to the mouth in the the Atlantic. The Miño, real protagonist of the life of the city, making natural border with Portugal.

Must-see are the Portuguese margin municipalities that make up the Baixo-Minho: Valença do Minho, Vila Nova de Cerveira and Caminha, each of them with their specificities, all with a level of outstanding conservation, its landscaped areas and its commercial and restoration activity. All of them with an excellent cultural life, with magnificent settings of thematic fairs , vienales of art and gastronomic festivals.

The Baixo Miño in the Galician shore, is comprised of the municipalities of Tui, Tomiño, O Rosal, To guard and Oia. All with its peculiarities, Tomino recently put in value the more shopping to Praza do Seixos and its municipal market, O Rosal ground zero of the D.O.. Rías Baixas - sub-zone O Rosal- vineyards , Huerta, a special micro-climate fruit from which are obtained these magnificent fruity wines with the freshness of the Atlantic. A Guarda, incomparable, its light, location, its people, the port, the sea, your mosaixo of homes neighborhood does not Subrido, all different, places that still retains its essence of sea port. OIA, cliffs, Serra da Groba, Mosteiro de Oia, for not perderser a sunset at the foot of the monastery enjoying a good wine rose and a few barnacles without equal.